How I Can Help

What I Do

The job of an FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) consultant involves providing expert guidance and services to individuals and businesses in the food industry to ensure compliance with food safety regulations and standards.

Regulatory Compliance

Assist clients in understanding and complying with FSSAI regulations, standards, and requirements relevant to their specific food businesses.

License Application

Help clients prepare and submit FSSAI license and registration applications, ensuring all necessary documentation is in order.


FSSAI consultants are well-versed in the extensive and evolving regulations set forth by the FSSAI. Their core responsibility is to interpret and communicate these regulations to their clients, ensuring that every aspect of a food business aligns with the law.


They assist clients in the preparation and submission of FSSAI license and registration applications. This involves meticulous scrutiny of documentation, including food safety plans, hygiene certificates, and product labels, to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


They prepare clients for FSSAI inspections and audits, helping them ensure that their facilities, processes, and documentation meet the stringent standards set by the authority.


Consultants assist clients in renewing FSSAI licenses and registrations as needed, and they keep businesses informed about regulatory changes and updates.